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Our goal is to create skincare products that are natural and effective for as many people as possible. That's why our products have been tested and approved for various skin types, such as dry, normal, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. If you are interested in a particular product, check the web page created for each individual product, where you will find all the information on the suitable skin types for that product.

Helix Revive products are formulated to ensure maximum efficacy up to 6 months after opening. This period has been calculated to ensure that you can make the most of the products' properties. Although the products do not expire immediately after this term, beyond 6 months from opening, they may not offer 100% of their initial efficacy. To fully enjoy the benefits of Helix Revive products, we recommend using them within this timeframe.

Before intensive and daily use, we always recommend testing cosmetic products on a small area of your skin and ensuring there are no particular reactions in that area. Please do not use our products in case of skin disease without first consulting the list of ingredients and a dermatologist. When using our products, you might feel a tingling sensation on the skin immediately after application. This reaction should not worry you; it simply means that the active ingredients of the product are acting and having an effect as they should. The compositions of our products are completely safe, and all products have been tested and approved according to EU regulations. Also, all have been tested and approved even for sensitive skins. In case of lasting skin irritation and/or redness, please wash off the product with water immediately. In these cases, we also recommend consulting a dermatologist to evaluate potential allergies and intolerances.

The compositions of our products are completely safe, and all products have been tested and approved according to EU regulations. However, we always recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult their gynecologist before using a new product.

Our products have been developed and tested on healthy skin and under normal conditions. If you suffer from skin diseases, allergies, or other dermatological problems, make sure to carefully read the list of ingredients of the product you are interested in and consult your dermatologist in case of doubts.

Helix Revive Face Cream intensely hydrates, helps reduce fine lines, and improves skin elasticity. It is enriched with natural ingredients like Argan oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, and snail mucin to nourish and regenerate the skin. To discover all the details and benefits, visit the product page by clicking here.

Helix Revive Face Serum provides intense hydration and helps rejuvenate the skin, visibly reducing and preventing signs of aging. It is perfect for improving skin brightness and texture. To discover all the details and benefits, visit the product page by clicking here.

Helix Revive Cleansing Milk gently yet deeply cleanses, removing makeup and impurities without drying the skin. It leaves the skin soft and refreshed. To discover all the details and benefits, visit the product page by clicking here.

Helix Revive Face Mask is effective in purifying and revitalizing the skin, helping to reduce imperfections such as acne and blackheads. It improves skin brightness and clarity, making it ideal for regenerative weekly treatments and for maintaining a healthy and luminous appearance. To discover all the details and benefits, visit the product page by clicking here.

Helix Revive Face Tonic tones and refreshes the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of pores and prepare the skin for subsequent skincare treatments. Additionally, it regulates the skin's pH, keeping it balanced and promoting a healthy and radiant look. To discover all the details and benefits, visit the product page by clicking here.

The Helix Revive Natural Routine Set includes the entire range of Helix Revive products, offered at a discounted price, for a complete beauty routine. This set comprises products specifically formulated to work in synergy, ensuring not only hydration and nourishment but also rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin. Each product is enriched with high-quality ingredients aimed at improving elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections such as acne and blackheads, and rebalancing the skin's pH. Additionally, the complete routine helps protect the skin from external agents, leaving it luminous, soft, and visibly healthier. To discover all the details and benefits of the Natural Routine Set, visit the Natural Routine set page by clicking here.

The limited availability of Helix Revive products is mainly due to our ethical and sustainable commitment to snail mucin harvesting, a key ingredient in our line. We follow the natural cycles of snails, adopting a seasonal approach to harvesting. This method reflects our dedication to the well-being of snails and respect for the ecosystem. This practice allows us to ensure that every product we sell is the result of sustainable and respectful practices towards nature. Thus, preserving the integrity and health of the snails and ensuring a high-quality ingredient for our customers. The limited availability is therefore a sign of our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and ethical responsibility at every stage of our production process.

Helix Revive products are the culmination of years of advanced research and continuous development in the field of cosmetics and skincare. Our formula is based on a blend of innovative science and valuable feedback from our loyal customers, who help us to constantly improve. Each product is carefully tested and refined to ensure maximum efficacy and safety. Moreover, we collaborate with experts in dermatology and cosmetology to develop formulas that not only meet specific skin needs but are also at the forefront of innovation and environmental respect. Our dedication to quality and excellence is what makes Helix Revive a trusted brand in the world of natural beauty.

Helix Revive products embody the ideal "from nature, for nature," a principle that recognizes humans as an integral part of nature and supports the belief that self-care should stem from what nature itself offers. We firmly believe in creating organic, cruelty-free, and sustainable products that respect this harmonious balance. Our magic ingredient is snail mucin, collected with love and care from our family-run farm. Each formulation is enriched with entirely natural and effective ingredients, chosen for their positive impact on skin well-being. Furthermore, our products are free of harsh chemicals or ingredients, ensuring treatments that not only nourish and naturally regenerate the skin but are also in perfect harmony with our ethical commitment to individual health and environmental preservation. With Helix Revive, we celebrate an approach to beauty that is respectful of the environment and conducive to personal well-being.

At Helix Revive, we use the cutting-edge Muller-One method for collecting snail mucin, utilizing ozone to ensure an ethical and high-quality extraction process. This method was developed with the utmost priority on the well-being of the mollusks, avoiding stress-inducing stimulations like vinegar and salt. Instead, our snail farmers use a gentle misting technique, which allows for the production of snail mucin in a way that does not cause stress or harm to the animals. We are constantly committed to ensuring that our process is as humane as possible, respecting the life and integrity of the snails. Our philosophy is based on responsibility towards nature and ethical practices, ensuring that our products reflect our dedication to respect and care for animals.


Creating natural skincare products was one of the main reasons that drove us to found Helix Revive. Natural ingredients are, therefore, a fundamental value for us and are a key feature of all Helix Revive products: we strongly believe in skincare products without silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial dyes, PEG, mineral oils, microplastics, and sulfates. All our ingredients are of natural origin and have been tested and approved according to EU regulations. Moreover, all our products have been dermatologically tested and approved for all skin types - even for sensitive skins. You can see the complete list of ingredients for each product on the web page of the respective product. On the same page, you can also get more information about the ingredients and why we selected them to create that product.

No, all our products are formulated without silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial dyes, PEG, mineral oils, microplastics, and sulfates. You can see the complete list of ingredients for each product on the web page of the respective product. On the same page, you can also get more information about the ingredients and why we selected them to create that product.


Helix Revive products are not tested on animals. We are firmly against animal testing and ensure that all our products are cruelty-free, in line with our values of respect and care for all forms of life.

We are dedicated to sustainability at all stages of our process, from production to shipping. This includes the use of production practices that reduce energy and water consumption, the adoption of eco-friendly shipping methods, and collaboration with partners who share our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The cardboard packaging used for Helix Revive products is made 100% from recycled materials and produced using entirely renewable energy. This approach underscores our commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that the environmental impact is minimized.

For our product containers, we have significantly reduced the use of plastic, replacing it with recycled aluminum. Aluminum was chosen for its excellent recyclability properties and for the reduced energy impact required for its recycling, thus contributing to a more sustainable approach.

Despite our efforts, the use of plastic remains in some parts of the packaging for reasons of practicality and safety. In addition, we use glass for the storage of some products, exploiting the benefits of this eco-friendly and fully recyclable material.

We aim to make all our packaging 100% eco-friendly. This goal includes reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to environmental conservation projects, reflecting our growing environmental responsibility. This commitment is part of our vision for a more sustainable future in the skincare industry.

Feedback & Reviews

We always appreciate receiving feedback on our products! It's important for us to continue growing together always. 14 days after receiving your order, you will receive an email from us where you can give us your feedback and express your opinion. Alternatively, you can share your thoughts at any time, directly from the product web page, in the "reviews" section.

The most important thing is: be honest! Your feedback should be helpful to those reading it. For us, your opinion is important in order to develop and further improve our assortment and our products. With your feedback, you also help new potential customers who are interested in Helix Revive products but have not yet tried them. That's why the most interesting questions you could answer, to then share with us your answers, are: How does the product feel on the skin? Do you like the scent of the product? How does your skin feel after applying it? Is the product easy to use? Is there something you did not like about the product? What do you like most about the product?


You can contact us here! We will be happy to assist you.